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In conversation with Rebecca Evans MS, Welsh Minister for Finance

Rebecca Evans, Welsh Minister for Finance and Trefnydd (Leader of the House), discussed Welsh devolution ahead of the 2021 devolved elections.

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As part of our series of events in the run up to the 2021 devolved and local elections, the Institute for Government was delighted to welcome Rebecca Evans, Welsh Minister for Finance and Trefnydd (Leader of the House).

Rebecca Evans was in conversation with Akash Paun, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Government, about Welsh devolution, the 2021 election, relations between Cardiff and Westminster, and the future of the union.

Rebecca Evans has been the Member of the Senedd for Gower since 2016, representing the Welsh Labour Party. She has served in a number of ministerial posts, including, since 2018, as Minister for Finance and Trefnydd (equivalent of the Leader of the House).

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