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Can Boris Johnson's government deliver its priorities?

At this IfG event, our panel discussed whether Boris Johnson's administration is well-placed to deliver its manifesto promises. 

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Two years ago, Boris Johnson was elected on a promise to ‘get Brexit done’ and ‘level up’ the UK. Then Covid-19 struck and dominated government time, energy and resources. But with the worst of the crisis now passed, and with the UK having left the EU, where will ministers turn their attention in the second half of the parliament – and is the government well set up to deliver its priorities?

Is Brexit really ‘done’? Do the government’s ‘net zero’ plans add up? Does more need to be done to support the post-pandemic economic recovery? And how will the government turn its flagship ‘levelling up’ slogan into reality?

The Institute for Government was delighted to bring together the following expert panel to reveal the inner workings of government – and discuss whether Boris Johnson’s administration is well-placed to deliver its manifesto promises:

  • Kelly Beaver, Chief Executive of Ipsos MORI
  • Stephen Bush, Political Editor at the New Statesman
  • Dan Corry, Chief Executive of New Philanthropy Capital and former Head of the No.10 Policy Unit
  • Jill Rutter, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Government.

The event was chaired by Alex Thomas, Programme Director at the Institute for Government.

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