19 March 2019

The Government should not have been caught off guard by the Speaker's meaningful vote ruling – but the convention can be worked around, writes Dr Catherine Haddon.

14 March 2019

The Government has compounded its loss of control of Parliament with a loss of control of Cabinet – but the Prime Minister could yet found a way through, argues Jill Rutter

13 March 2019

The Government has finally revealed what it will do at the Irish border if there’s no deal – and while it’s probably good enough for Day One, it doesn’t work long-term, says Tim Durrant.

13 March 2019

Parliament has again rejected the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal. Now MPs are the ones responsible for setting out an alternative to break the impasse, argues Maddy Thimont Jack.

13 March 2019

An independent trade policy will allow the UK to set its own tariffs, but there are reasons to be seriously concerned about the Government’s handing of this complex area, writes Alex Stojanovic.

12 March 2019

Whether or not her Brexit deal passes, the Prime Minister is likely to need more time. Joe Owen looks at the options for an extension of Article 50.

11 March 2019

Philip Hammond is poised to use his Spring Statement to once again dangle the prospect of a Brexit “deal dividend” in front of MPs. At best the Chancellor would be offering no more than a temporary fillip, argues Dr Gemma Tetlow.

07 March 2019

Trade unions and the Labour Party are right to say that the Government’s guarantees on workers’ rights offer only limited protection. But there are limits to what any UK Government can do unilaterally, argues Raphael Hogarth

01 March 2019

Labour is now officially backing a second referendum with Remain on the ballot. But, argues Jill Rutter, another referendum may not solve the question of the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

28 February 2019

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal then the Irish border question becomes a painful one for the EU to answer, writes Alex Stojanovic.