25 April 2017

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi is calling for change in the way policy is made: it should be more transparent, consistent and evidence-based. Sophie Wilson hopes government pays attention.  

21 April 2017

Theresa May has called an election to give her space to negotiate her vision for Brexit. But, as Jill Rutter argues, avoiding commitments that prevent her government from solving public finance problems will be just as important.

19 April 2017

The snap general election leaves major pieces of legislation and policies in jeopardy. Emma Norris looks at what is likely to happen to them.

22 March 2017

The National Audit Office (NAO) today published its initial evaluation of the Department for Transport and Highways England’s investment in England’s strategic road network. Tess Kidney-Bishop says the promising strategy is underachieving due to process failures and insufficient commercial capability, and highlights three key lessons for other infrastructure programmes.

16 March 2017

Our All Change report lays bare the staggering amount of policy churn in three sectors: further education, regional government and industrial policy. At our report launch, panellists and the audience discussed the causes of churn in Whitehall, the implications for policymaking, and what can be done about it.

13 March 2017

This time last week, Philip Hammond would have been looking forward to his first (and last) Spring Budget. Its reception may convince him to cut the jokes, but Jill Rutter argues the real lesson is that he needs a better way of making Budgets. 

10 March 2017

We set out seven key points for the industrial strategy to succeed. But Lucy Campbell and Graham Atkins say the Government still has some way to go to ensure it meets our criteria for success.

08 March 2017

Commentators noted the Chancellor’s relaxed and jokey style in the Commons today. But Jill Rutter and Alice Lilly argue that it signalled a welcome changed approach to Budgets.

07 March 2017

In his final March Budget, the Chancellor he has a chance to show he is willing to make Budgets – and tax policy – better. Jill Rutter sets some tests for him.

07 March 2017

Most chancellors love Budget surprises. But, argues Stella Amiss, Head of Tax Policy, Regulation and Reputation at PwC, the challenge of designing a tax system for post-Brexit Britain makes this a good time to engage the public properly on tax choices.