06 July 2017

The new Transport Investment Strategy is a welcome guide to future transport investments by Government. Graham Atkins draws out lessons from IfG’s recent research to help this strategy succeed.

23 June 2017

The National Audit Office today published a report on Hinkley Point C. Tess Kidney Bishop says the report raises major concerns about government decision making and identifies three lessons for future infrastructure projects.

21 June 2017

The Queen’s Speech doesn’t contain the type of high-profile announcements we’ve come to expect following an election. Julian McCrae says this is a good thing.

20 June 2017

In advance of the Queen's Speech, Julian McCrae looks at major government legislation and policy commitments.

20 June 2017

New ministers responsible for making infrastructure decisions need to establish realistic and long-term plans that focus on engaging beyond Whitehall. Tess Kidney Bishop says getting this right can make a long-term difference, even if a minister’s tenure is shorter than expected.

25 May 2017

As the general election campaign restarts, the debate may return to the U-turn executed on social care on Monday. Jill Rutter argues Theresa May’s attempt to make progress on social care was brave, but underlines the problem with making policy behind closed doors.

19 May 2017

The Institute for Government’s manifesto asks called on the parties to put an end to uncertainty on proposed major infrastructure projects. Nick Davies says they mostly have.

17 May 2017

Delivery units are a Blair-era innovation that have now become a global phenomenon. But Dr Jen Gold will tell the World Bank's Governance Forum this week that if delivery units are to live up to the hype, governments need to learn from those that have failed.

04 May 2017

Now Parliament has dissolved ahead of the General Election, Emma Norris looks at what has happened to major bills and policies during wash-up.

04 May 2017

Graham Atkins argues that the next government must limit policy uncertainty if it wants to secure best value for consumers.