28 January 2019

Parliament is trying to take greater control of the Brexit process. To do this MPs are searching for ways to have more say over the control of parliamentary business—something that largely rests with the Government. But, says Dr Alice Lilly, these proposals really reflect broader concern over who controls the Order Paper.

18 January 2019

While the ‘Nick Boles plan' to wrest control of the Brexit process from Government could work, Dr Hannah White argues that it will merely delay rather than solve the Brexit impasse.

04 May 2017

The wash up of legislation at the end of Parliament has meant a worrying lack of scrutiny, says Gemma Byrne

17 May 2016

With attention shifting to the Queen’s Speech and the legislation to come in the next parliamentary session, Gavin Freeguard looks back at what happened during the first session of this parliament, and how it compares to previous parliamentary sessions.

23 April 2015

We now have a full list of primary legislation passed into law in the 2014-15 parliamentary session under the Coalition – and during the whole 2010-15 parliament. Did it become, as some suggested, a ‘zombie parliament’? Gavin Freeguard looks at the law data. We have excluded private bills, private members’ bills, secondary legislation like statutory instruments and bills which did not receive Royal Assent from our analysis. Click images to enlarge

04 June 2014

There has been much talk lately of Parliament morphing into a so called ‘zombie Parliament’, devoid of legislative impetus and lacking in fresh law-making ideas. As we have argued before, there is much more a Parliament could and should usefully do than simply add to the statute book in order to be seen to be alive and kicking. But what does the data show?