02 June 2017

Devolution is not a major theme of the election campaign. But with significant uncertainty hanging over the constitution, there are four big questions a new government will have to address. Akash Paun discusses what the manifestos say.

08 May 2017

Six new metro mayors have been elected. Dr Jo Casebourne looks at how they can now govern effectively.

03 May 2017

Parts of England will go to the polls today to elect a metro mayor. Dr Jo Casebourne sets out five key reasons why these new political figures matter.

02 May 2017

On the 4 May six city regions will elect metro mayors. Lucy Campbell says they will need to focus on building effective relationships with ministers and MPs rather than rely on big personalities and local authorities to fulfil their ambitions.

18 April 2017

Today’s news that the Prime Minister will seek an early general election is just the latest twist in the ever-entertaining soap opera of contemporary British politics. Akash Paun wonders what impact this will have in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

24 March 2017

In May, metro mayors will be elected in six of the city regions that have secured devolution deals. Lucy Campbell argues that mayors will be able to wield soft power to shape the futures for their local areas.

22 March 2017

The Scottish Parliament will soon vote on whether to back the Scottish Government plan to request that Westminster devolves the power to hold a second referendum on independence. Akash Paun (naively) hopes this will mark the start of a positive dialogue between the UK and Scottish governments.

20 March 2017

Despite the devolution of fiscal powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the devolved governments remain dependent on the Treasury for most of their funding. But exactly how their budgets are calculated is often shrouded in mystery. Greater transparency would improve accountability, argues Aron Cheung.

14 March 2017

Nicola Sturgeon confirmed she would seek a second referendum on Scottish independence. Akash Paun explains what happens next.

07 March 2017

Last week’s election in Northern Ireland has resulted in unionists, for the first time ever, losing their majority in the devolved Assembly at Stormont. Aron Cheung says the result will impact the government in Northern Ireland and the UK as a whole.