03 April 2019

Many MPs are keen supporters of the UK regaining an independent trade policy after Brexit but, argues Alex Stojanovic, they need to be clear-eyed about its practical benefits.

21 March 2019

The mantra that EU negotiations always go to the wire ignores the fact that the PM signed her Withdrawal Agreement in November. Even if (and that's a big if) a deal goes through, the UK now faces the prospect of a long transition, argues Jill Rutter.

13 March 2019

An independent trade policy will allow the UK to set its own tariffs, but there are reasons to be seriously concerned about the Government’s handing of this complex area, writes Alex Stojanovic.

19 December 2018

When it comes to leaving the EU without a deal, Tim Durrant says the Government should stop pretending it is ready.

14 December 2018

After an 18-month delay, the Government is due to publish its immigration white paper next week. Joe Owen argues it should scrap the migration target and finally be honest.

04 December 2018

The Attorney General confirmed what was obvious from the Withdrawal Agreement: there is no unilateral exit from the Irish backstop. All the possible exit routes all have problems, says Jill Rutter.

27 November 2018

The European Commission is investing time and effort into a bilateral relationship with Australia. Jill Rutter says that they are not leaving a lot of room for ‘Global Britain’.

08 November 2018

Alex Stojanovic argues that it is EU law, not WTO rules, that matters in the event of a no deal Brexit.

01 November 2018

There is no excuse for the appalling show put on by Caroline Nokes and her officials at the select committee earlier this week. Jill Rutter says the Government now needs to put out its definitive advice on EU citizens after Brexit immediately to rectify the damage.

18 October 2018

The Prime Minister is considering an extension to the 21-month transition period that will follow withdrawal from the EU. Joe Owen argues that it won’t solve the Irish problem, but an extra 12 months is still an offer worth having.