13 July 2017

The NAO report into an HMRC customs programme highlights some of the challenges of implementing Brexit. Joe Owen agrees that to prepare the UK borders for ‘day one’, government must overcome significant delivery challenges.

07 July 2017

Jill Rutter explains how yesterday’s two announcements from the European Union have turned up the heat on UK negotiators by underlining the risks the UK faces in leaving – and the potential benefits it may be forgoing.

05 July 2017

As politicians debate what sort of Brexit we want, Alex Stojanovic says there is still a lot of confusion on the key concepts of a customs union.

20 June 2017

The Government finally snared its Chief Trade Negotiation Adviser. That, Jill Rutter argues, is a good first step to building a new specialist trade profession.

06 June 2017

One of the consequences of Brexit is that trade policy is a suitable subject for electioneering. As the Conservatives promote their proposal to reconvene the Board of Trade, Jill Rutter says this is the start of trade as an election issue.  

22 May 2017

The Conservatives and Labour both promise to overhaul the immigration system. But Joe Owen says that neither offer a credible plan for when or how they will do it. Their visions may be very different but both are still a long way off.

18 May 2017

The Conservative Party promises to cut net migration. While Brexit gives government greater control of numbers, Joe Owen argues that any change is unlikely to happen much before the next election in 2022.

09 May 2017

The French press note that their UK counterparts are viewing Emmanuel Macron’s victory as bad news for Brexit. But Jill Rutter says that will be tempered by his number one priority: fixing the French economy.

20 March 2017

Pascal Lamy, former Director of the World Trade Organization (WTO), warns that a UK-EU free trade agreement will take five to six years. Oliver Ilott argues that the pressure of trying to agree a deal in two years means that government has to establish new, rapid processes for decision making in the negotiations

21 February 2017

Bronwen Maddox asks if the Trump presidency could actually make Brexit easier.