15 February 2019

The Government has promised to share its assessment of readiness for a no deal Brexit with MPs. This is an important opportunity to investigate what such an outcome would really mean, says Tim Durrant.

15 February 2019

The increasing disconnect between events in Parliament and the world beyond Westminster is causing serious problems for business, writes Jill Rutter.

11 February 2019

The Prime Minister has now replied to Jeremy Corbyn’s letter. Jill Rutter thinks it is surprisingly warm in tone – and honest about the negotiating challenge ahead – but notes that Corbyn is not the only audience.

08 February 2019

As the Article 50 clock runs down, Maddy Thimont Jack argues that legislative deadlines are more elastic than they look.

05 February 2019

With the Brexit action due to return to Westminster next week, Joe Owen looks at what might happen next

29 January 2019

The Malthouse compromise on Brexit may unite elements of the Conservative party – but shows zero understanding of what might work in Brussels, writes Jill Rutter.

28 January 2019

Parliament is trying to take greater control of the Brexit process. To do this MPs are searching for ways to have more say over the control of parliamentary business—something that largely rests with the Government. But, says Dr Alice Lilly, these proposals really reflect broader concern over who controls the Order Paper.

23 January 2019

Alex Stojanovic argues that there appears to be very little substance to Labour’s alternative Brexit plan.

21 January 2019

The Prime Minister showed a bit of uncharacteristic flexibility in her statement today, but its real impact was to fire the starting gun on MPs attempts to find a way forward, writes Jill Rutter.

21 January 2019

Brexit has gone from being a limiting factor on the Government’s domestic policy agenda, to the limiting factor. As civil servants start switching over to no deal preparations in increasing numbers, Emily Andrews lists some of the key policy areas which are at risk of being delayed, deprioritised, or simply ignored.