18 December 2018

The Prime Minister needs to recognise her weakness in Parliament, but also her strength in having the only Brexit deal on the table. Parliamentary agility might help her make progress, argues Jill Rutter.

17 December 2018

As the Government steps up its no deal preparations, Maddy Thimont Jack explains how Parliament might prevent the UK leaving the EU without a deal.

12 December 2018

If Parliament cannot agree a way forward, it may feel there is no alternative but to refer the final decision to the public, says Akash Paun. That is not the simple solution it appears.

12 December 2018

Bronwen Maddox says Conservative MPs will pick one of two roads through the Brexit forest – and one may lead to ‘no deal’. Tonight’s vote is a Sliding Doors moment in the Brexit drama.

28 November 2018

MPs, including the Prime Minister, should take the Government’s Brexit economic analysis seriously rather than downplay or obfuscate its implications, argues Gemma Tetlow.

27 November 2018

The Prime Minister has framed the meaningful vote as a choice between her deal, no deal, and no Brexit. Alex Stojanovic argues that the Government's economic analysis must reflect that choice.

21 November 2018

Last-minute concessions have become a feature of this parliament. Alice Lilly argues that the Government’s whole legislative programme is vulnerable, and lays out the future battle lines.

25 October 2018

The role of the European Court of Justice in settling disputes over the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement was one of the issues unresolved in March. Raphael Hogarth says the emerging agreement deserves a cautious welcome.

03 September 2018

As Parliament returns from recess, Maddy Thimont Jack looks at a tense autumn in Parliament and says the high drama will kick off in the House of Lords.

25 June 2018

The EU Withdrawal Bill finally finished its parliamentary journey last week. Dr Alice Lilly looks at what else has been happening in Parliament in the past year, and finds the Government’s status as a minority—and Brexit—has significantly curtailed its legislative programme.