17 April 2019

As talks continue between Labour and the Government, Jill Rutter argues the two sides are within touching distance – but that does not mean they will meet.

11 April 2019

The Government needs to tell the country what the Article 50 extention means for no deal preparation, says Tim Durrant

08 April 2019

By the end of the week, we could either be out of the EU with no deal – or on a slow track to reconsidering whether we really want to Brexit at all. Jill Rutter sets out what lies ahead.

05 April 2019

With the Prime Minister serving notice on her time in Downing Street, Joe Marshall asks whether Labour can be confident of any commitments she makes on the UK’s post-Brexit future.

04 April 2019

Maddy Thimont Jack picks out five takeaways from a night of extraordinarily high-paced and close Brexit votes.

04 April 2019

The latest minister to leave the Government complained the Prime Minister wasn’t properly informed about how ready the UK is for no deal. The problem, argues Tim Durrant, is that we aren't either.

03 April 2019

After 33 months of insisting that her Brexit was the only option, the Prime Minister seems to have developed a new flexibility – but her new plan is not guaranteed success, says Jill Rutter.

02 April 2019

While the Prime Minister appears to have little room to manoeuvre, MPs may have run out of time to compromise and combine the options on offer. Maddy Thimont-Jack picks out three takeaways from the indicative votes.

02 April 2019

Parliament’s inability to coalesce around a single Brexit plan demonstrates the destructive effect of conducting parliamentary democracy against a fixed timetable, argues Dr Hannah White.

29 March 2019

The latest defeat for the Prime Minister means another emergency trip to Brussels on 10 April. Georgina Wright looks at what Theresa May should expect.