18 April 2017

Today’s news that the Prime Minister will seek an early general election is just the latest twist in the ever-entertaining soap opera of contemporary British politics. Akash Paun wonders what impact this will have in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

22 March 2017

The Scottish Parliament will soon vote on whether to back the Scottish Government plan to request that Westminster devolves the power to hold a second referendum on independence. Akash Paun (naively) hopes this will mark the start of a positive dialogue between the UK and Scottish governments.

14 March 2017

Nicola Sturgeon confirmed she would seek a second referendum on Scottish independence. Akash Paun explains what happens next.

02 February 2017

Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Buckingham, set out his top tips for every occupant of Downing Street at a recent Institute for Government event. Akash Paun explains Seldon’s assertion that by focusing on the negative, we fail to learn from when prime ministers get it right.  

10 January 2017

Under Northern Ireland’s unique devolution arrangements, yesterday’s resignation of Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness looks set to trigger an early election, and could have more serious implications for power-sharing government in Belfast, says Akash Paun.

20 December 2016

Today the Scottish Government publishes its proposals for how Scotland can remain in the EU Single Market despite Brexit. In a few weeks, the Supreme Court will deliver a potentially explosive judgment on how the UK Government must legally trigger Article 50. 2016 was a year of constitutional turmoil, but Akash Paun says the drama is far from over. 

13 October 2016

Today in Glasgow at the SNP autumn conference, Nicola Sturgeon addressed her party faithful for the first time since the UK voted to leave the European Union. Akash Paun argues that the speech sets the UK and Scottish governments on a collision course.

23 September 2016

How the devolved governments will be involved in Brexit is a matter of serious concern in Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast – even if it may not feel like a top priority in Westminster. Akash Paun looks at how the process should work and what happens if it goes wrong.

25 August 2016

Last week the Institute for Government ran its first ever work experience programme. Four A-Level Politics students from Pimlico Academy spent the week with us, gaining experience of working at a think tank and supporting our work on Brexit, parliament and devolution. In this blog, Beverley Agyekum, Sophie Winter, Chloe Hook, and Nazmin Hussain share their reflections on their week with us.

22 July 2016

What will be the implications of Brexit for the Union? How should the UK Government involve the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Ireland governments in the Brexit negotiations? Akash Paun discusses a recent Institute for Government event that explored these issues with senior officials from the Scottish and Welsh Governments.