03 November 2017

The Government - along with the Chancellor - finds itself in a tricky political position ahead of this month’s Budget. The politics make it inevitable that many key decisions will be fudged, argues Julian McCrae.

12 July 2017

The Government does not have a strategy for dealing with the UK’s public finance problems, which are not going away. Julian McCrae says Cabinet must urgently decide if it will revive George Osborne’s “austerity politics”.

30 June 2017

Liz Truss, the new Chief Secretary to the Treasury, recently spoke at an event here. Julian McCrae captures her opening remarks. 

21 June 2017

The Queen’s Speech doesn’t contain the type of high-profile announcements we’ve come to expect following an election. Julian McCrae says this is a good thing.

20 June 2017

In advance of the Queen's Speech, Julian McCrae looks at major government legislation and policy commitments.

06 June 2017

Following the election, the Prime Minister will put together a new Cabinet. The appointments of the Chancellor and other Treasury ministers are the most important decisions, given the complexity of the economic issues facing the UK (including Brexit) and the pressures on national finances. Julian McCrae and Bronwen Maddox look at the Government's options.

08 May 2017

Julian McCrae and Aron Cheung argue that parties’ elections manifestos should include commitments that will help them to be more honest with the public about their plans for tax and spend than they were in 2015.

28 April 2017

The Chancellor has decided that the Treasury, the UK’s finance ministry, will no longer be responsible for financial management across Whitehall. Julian McCrae assesses this surprise decision.

07 March 2017

With the last Spring Budget taking place tomorrow, Julian McCrae suggests a few areas to watch if you want to make an informed judgement about what’s actually happening.

01 March 2017

The Government’s Efficiency Review was in the news yesterday. Julian McCrae argues that the review needs to reboot the Government’s approach to increasing efficiency, instead of just searching for £3.5 billion of extra savings.