A recipe for failure? Why government’s relationship with arm’s-length bodies matters

, 5 March 2015

According to the select committee, the Whitehall department responsible for ‘sponsoring’ the Gardens – the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs – frequently takes financial decisions that should instead be taken by Kew’s management. This prevents Kew from managing its affairs in a long-term strategic way and is, in the committee’s opinion, a...

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Meeting the mentors

, 4 March 2015

This week’s Women Leaders event explored the value of mentoring in addressing gender inequality – and concluded that all kinds of people could benefit. Nehal Panchamia listened in.

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One direction: first accounting officer ministerial direction published since 2010

, 27 February 2015

The Secretary of State for Transport has formally instructed his Permanent Secretary to act in a way that, under Treasury rules, offers poor value for money. Is it a crisis of civil service confidence in ministers? Or is it evidence of fractious relations at the top of Whitehall? The answer to both questions is...

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Guest blog: Learning from Whitehall – how we adapted the PMDU to local government

Even though the Coalition government scrapped the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit in 2010, the PMDU model continues to inspire public service reformers. Here, the Leader and Chief Executive of Haringey Borough Council reflect on their experience of setting up a Corporate Delivery Unit based on the PMDU and argue that other local authorities can...

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Doing what matters with less: the Fast Stream conference 2015

, 25 February 2015

This year’s Civil Service Fast Stream conference was organised around the theme of ‘Doing more what matters with less’, challenging fast streamers to answer how the Civil Service ‘can better prioritise and deliver what the UK needs most’ against a background of further spending reductions. Gavin Freeguard was one of the ‘dragons’...

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National security inputs: more expertise = more effective decision making?

, 24 February 2015

The 2010 reforms creating the National Security Council and National Security Adviser improved co-ordination in national security decision making. But good decisions require high quality advice and analysis: government now needs to improve the national security expertise informing decision makers.

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