Published: 1st February 2010
A free media has long been regarded as the cornerstone of effective democracy.
Authors: Jill Rutter
A Whitehall for the future
Published: 18th January 2010
The Institute for Government carried out a year-long study to examine whether the centre is ready to face the challenges of the future.
Authors: Simon Parker, Akash Paun, Jonathan McClory, Kate Blatchford
How to improve government's use of IT
Published: 2nd December 2009
The report examined whether the centre of government is able to ensure that IT enables government to meet its objectives effectively and efficiently.
Authors: Michael Hallsworth, Gareth Nellis, Mike Brass
A guide to action
Published: 1st December 2009
This briefing note sets out key information for the politicians and officials involved in tackling the UK’s current fiscal situation.
Authors: Julian McCrae, Jerrett Myers, Katrin Glatzel
Hung parliaments and the challenges for Westminster and Whitehall
Published: 1st December 2009
Westminster perceives minority government as weak, unstable, incoherent and short term in its approach to policy.
Authors: Professor Robert Hazell CBE, Akash Paun, Mark Chalmers, Ben Yong, Dr Catherine Haddon
Preparing for changes of government
Published: 10th November 2009
Catherine Haddon and Peter Riddell examine what happens when a general election leads to a change of government from one political party to another.
Authors: Rt Hon Peter Riddell CBE, Dr Catherine Haddon
The Government of Canada's experience eliminating the deficit, 1994-99: a Canadian case study
Published: 15th September 2009
The effective management of a country's public finances is a cornerstone of good government.
Authors: The Honourable Jocelyne Bourgon
A review of Whitehall's performance and prospects for improvement
Published: 31st July 2009
Over the past five years, Whitehall has produced an unprecedented amount of information about its own corporate performance. But the data emerging from capability reviews, performance reports and staff surveys has rarely been brought together in an accessible format.
Authors: Simon Parker, Akash Paun, Jonathan McClory
Enabling better management in the public services
Published: 1st December 2008
The Institute conducted a project examining government performance management from April to November 2008.
Authors: Tom Gash, Michael Hallsworth, Sharif Ismail, Akash Paun