Is economics influential enough in government decision making?
Published: 17th October 2011
Economics as a discipline is fundamentally about ways to allocate scarce resources. As scarcity of resource is a perennial issue in public policy, this means that economics has much to offer to those responsible for resource allocation both at the official and the political...
Authors: Vicky Pryce
How publicly funded services can take a whole systems approach
Published: 6th October 2011
Authors: Emily Miles, William Trott
Lessons from the first twelve years of devolved government in Scotland
Published: 23rd September 2011
It is twelve years since the establishment of the new administration in Scotland. Over that time, Scotland has started to do things very differently from the UK. Many in Whitehall and Westminster have been oblivious to those changes.
Authors: Sir John Elvidge
A discussion paper for the party conferences 2011
Published: 16th September 2011
This paper presents a summary of the provisional conclusions from an Institute for Government project on how the three major political parties select their parliamentary candidates.
Authors: Rhys Williams
A guide to best practice
Published: 2nd September 2011
The guide builds the Institute for Government's report 'Read Before Burning' which recommends that ALBs publish information on their status and operations in a standardised format online to improve the transparency of their organisations.
Authors: Institute for Government
An open letter to the Department for Communities and Local Government
Published: 31st August 2011
The Institute for Government has consulted widely on the mayoral model proposed in the Localism Bill. We engaged in conversation with stakeholders and experts through:
Authors: Andrew Adonis, Sam Sims
Lessons learnt from the existing mayoral local authorities
Published: 31st August 2011
Recommendations to help elected mayors be effective in their role.
Authors: Sam Sims
Letter from Andrew Adonis to Eric Pickles
Published: 31st August 2011
In this letter, Lord Adonis presses for the office of elected mayor to be given greater powers over matters including planning and policing before referenda take place in 11 English cities.
Authors: Andrew Adonis
Where next for Executive Agencies?
Published: 13th July 2011
The Institute for Government asked Kate Jenkins, author of the original report, to take a look at the agency model twenty years on and at what the Government needs to do now to make the most of the agency model. 
Authors: Kate Jenkins, Dr Jen Gold
Institute for Government briefing note
Published: 12th July 2011
The Prime Minister has set out a cross-governmental vision for the improvement of public services with the launch of the Open Public Services White Paper