The civil service as it faces Brexit
Whitehall monitor cover
Published: 26th January 2017
The Government is trying to do too much as it prepares for Brexit, according to our analysis.
Authors: Gavin Freeguard, Robert Adam, Dr Emily Andrews, Adam Boon
The Coalition in 163 charts
Published: 19th November 2015
Whitehall Monitor aims to chart government – literally. We analyse and visualise numbers from and about government – on everything from staff numbers to public perceptions.
Authors: Gavin Freeguard, Dr Emily Andrews, Dan Devine, Robyn Munro, Joe Randall
How governments measured their impact, 2014-15
Published: 2nd April 2015
In this special Whitehall Monitor report, we look at one element of the Coalition’s performance measurement regime: impact indicators.
Authors: Gavin Freeguard, Robyn Munro, Dr Emily Andrews
A data-driven analysis of the size, shape and performance of Whitehall
Published: 18th November 2014
The Whitehall Monitor 2014 aims to chart government – using data to analyse the size, shape and performance of Whitehall and present it in an understandable, compelling and useful way.
Authors: Gavin Freeguard, Petr Bouchal, Robyn Munro, Caragh Nimmo, Julian McCrae
Annual commentary and analysis on the size, shape and performance of Whitehall
Published: 29th August 2013
This report aims to build a systematic framework for thinking about the effectiveness of Whitehall. It focuses on the three elements needed to judge effectiveness: the resources Whitehall has available to it (inputs), what it does with them (outputs) and whether it achieves its...
Authors: Justine Stephen, Petr Bouchal, David Bull