Published: 15th April 2019
How universities, research councils and funding councils can better support policy engagement
Whitehall Monitor 2019 cover
Published: 22nd January 2019
The impact of Brexit is being felt throughout government
Authors: Gavin Freeguard, Aron Cheung, Dr Alice Lilly , Marcus Shepheard, Johnny Lillis, Lucy Campbell, Jenny Haigh, James Taylor, Alasdair de Costa
The cost of high staff turnover in the civil service
Turnover cover image
Published: 16th January 2019
Staff turnover is weakening the civil service
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Published: 25th October 2018
This report examines current practice in how business cases are used within government departments’ transformation teams.
Authors: Dr Sally Howes OBE, Tess Kidney Bishop
Published: 15th October 2018
Ministers should be called to explain when things go wrong under their watch – even if they are no longer in office.
Building partnerships between government departments and public bodies
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Published: 27th September 2018
This report summarises the findings from a second survey of public bodies.
Authors: Susanna Smith
Five things the UK Government should publish
Published: 21st September 2018
The UK has made a lot of progress on government data in recent years. But problems remain.
How to run it well
Published: 13th September 2018
Brexit will make the next spending review harder than in past years
Published: 22nd August 2018
How the current head of function for digital, data and technology role is working. 
Authors: Daniel Thornton
Using behavioural science to improve how governments make decisions
Behavioural Government cover
Published: 11th July 2018
Governments are increasingly using behavioural insights to design, enhance and reassess their policies and services.
Authors: Michael Hallsworth, Mark Egan, Jill Rutter, Julian McCrae