Professional development for ministers
Published: 23rd January 2018
The IfG provides opportunities for professional development for ministers, MPs and peers.
Professionalising Whitehall cover
Published: 7th September 2017
The Government must professionalise Whitehall to meet the complex challenges it now faces.
Authors: Julian McCrae, Dr Jen Gold
Global trends and warning signs in delivery units
Global Delivery front cover
Published: 27th April 2017
To succeed, delivery units need a well-defined remit and strong political backing.
Authors: Dr Jen Gold
What ministers do and how to do it well
Ministers Reflect
Published: 2nd March 2017
As ministers grapple with the huge challenges of Brexit and the domestic policy agenda, this report looks at how they can be effective in their jobs.
Authors: Nicola Hughes
Published: 22nd February 2016
Being an effective minister means balancing multiple roles and relationships. This briefing paper has been produced as part of the Ministers Reflect project. 
Insights from the Institute for Government 2008-15
Published: 2nd July 2015
Winning an election is hard enough, but leading effectively and getting to grips with governing is a whole other challenge – one that can require a completely different set of skills to those used on the campaign trail.
Authors: Nehal Davison
Published: 26th March 2015
Good departmental management, strengthening private offices, and the need for better inductions and training.
Authors: Institute for Government
Lessons from Personal Experience
Published: 28th March 2014
This report by Nick Hillman, former special adviser to David Willetts, attempts to explain the job of a departmental special adviser.
Authors: Nick Hillman
Rethinking the ministerial private office
Published: 26th March 2013
This paper addresses the question of whether ministerial private offices provide the right kind of support to enable departmental secretaries of state to carry out their roles effectively.
Authors: Akash Paun
Published: 11th October 2012
This research paper builds on our knowledge and expertise from working with special advisers and ministers. With it we seek to improve understanding of their contribution to a secretary of state’s effectiveness and how their roles have developed.  In particular, we explore the...
Authors: Zoe Gruhn, Felicity Slater