The Institute for Government has published a major new report assessing the first year of coalition government.

One Year On: The first year of coalition government pulls together our collective analysis of how the Coalition has performed so far, what lessons have been learnt about how to govern in coalition, and what are the most critical challenges on the horizon.

The report contains nine essays by Institute researchers as well as short response pieces by external practitioners. Subjects addressed include:

  • how effectively the coalition partners have worked together
  • how the Government has reshaped Downing Street and the rest of Whitehall
  • how well the Coalition has delivered on three key policy objectives: tackling the deficit, reforming the constitution and creating a Big Society
  • how the Opposition and Parliament have adapted to the presence of a coalition government
  • what the public think of coalition government and the two coalition partners’ performance so far.

Contributors include:

  • Andrew Adonis - Director of the Institute
  • Peter Riddell - Senior Fellow at the Institute
  • Robert Hazell - Director of the UCL Constitution Unit
  • Nick Boles MP
  • Jim Wallace - former Deputy First Minister of Scotland.

The report was edited by Senior Researcher Akash Paun.