Now more than ever, the country needs effective political leadership, and to understand what that looks like. As ministers grapple with the huge challenges of Brexit and the domestic policy agenda, this report looks at how they can be effective in their jobs. The report analyses more than 70 candid interviews with former ministers to find out what ministers actually do – and how they can do it well.

How to be an Effective Minister draws on interviews with some of the most senior Cabinet members of the last decade, including former Chancellors, Foreign Secretaries and Secretaries of State across all departments. Interviewees including Ken Clarke, Nicky Morgan, Alistair Darling, Oliver Letwin and Jacqui Smith reveal what it’s really like behind the scenes in Whitehall.

Now outside of government, these ministers speak candidly about the successes, mistakes, ambitions and frustrations of office. The report explores:

  • the day-to-day reality of ministerial roles and relationships
  • how to do the ministerial role well
  • what can be done to help ministers be more effective in government.