Inputs: the resources available to Whitehall

Inputs are the resources available to the politicians and senior civil servants who are in charge of running Whitehall departments.  We can roughly divide them into money (and other material assets) and people.

Our work on 'managing government finances' explores the amount of money available to different departments to carry out all their work, and the forms their financial reources take.  In 'the cost of running government departments', we look explicitly at the material resources involved in making that work happen, including the administration budgets and the estates.

'The Civil Service workforce' section shows how many civil servants there are, who they are and where they are.  Our investigation into the 'Civil Service professions' attempts to analyse what they do, although the data quality makes that difficult.  Data on 'Staff Engagement' from the Civil Service People Survey gives us an indication of how they feel about it.

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