Organisation Name

AGO Attorney General's Office
APA Asset Protection Agency
BIS Deparment for Business, Innovation and Skills
BEIS Department for Business, Energy, Innovation and Skills
CO Cabinet Office
CxD Chancellor's Departments (APA, DMO, GAD, HMRC, HMT, NS&I, OBR)
DCLG Department for Communities and Local Government
DCMS Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
DECC Department of Energy and Climate Change
Defra Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
DE&S Defence Equipment and Support (part of MoD)
DExEU Department for Exiting the European Union
DfE Department for Education
DfID Department for International Development
DfT Department for Transport
DH Department of Health
DHSC Department of Health and Social Care
DMO Debt Management Office
DPM Deputy Prime Minister
DVLA Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (part of DfT)
DWP Department for Work and Pensions
ERG Efficiency and Reform Group (part of CO)
FCO Foreign and Commonwealth Office
GAD Government Actuary's Department
GDS Government Digital Service
HCS Home Civil Service (all civil servants in UK, Scottish and Welsh governments)
HMRC Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs
HMT Her Majesty's Treasury
HO Home Office
HofC House of Commons
HofL House of Lords
IPA Infrastructure and Projects Authority
Law Law officers (AGO, Office of the Advocate General for Scotland)
MHCLG MInistry of Housing, Communities and Local Government
MoD Ministry of Defence
MoJ Ministry for Justice
MPA Major Projects Authority (part of CO)
NAO National Audit Office
NHS National Health Service
NICS Northern Ireland Civil Service
NIO Northern Ireland Office
NS&I National Savings and Investments
OBR Office for Budget Responsibility
ONS Office for National Statistics
PM Prime Minister
Scot Scotland Office
SG Scottish Government
Wal Wales Office
WG Welsh Government





AME Annually Managed Expenditure
AO/AA Administrative Office/Administrative Assistant (civil service grade)
ACSES Annual Civil Service Employment Survey
ALB Arm's length body
API Application Programming Interface
AR Annual Report
BUD Budget
CAME Capital Annually Managed Expenditure
CDEL Capital Departmental Expenditure Limit
CS Civil service
DEL Departmental Expenditure Limit
DLC Delegated Legislation Committee
EO Executive Office (civil service grade)
FTE Full-time equivalent
FoI Freedom of Information
G6/G7 Grade 6 and Grade 7 (civil service grade)
GDP Gross domestic product
GE General election
HS2 High Speed Rail 2
IfG Institute for Government
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IMF International Monetary Fund
InCiSE International Civil Service Effectiveness Index
IT/ICT Information technology/Information and communications technology
MoS Minister of State
NCS National Security Council
NDPB Non-departmental public body
NGO Non-governmental organisation
NISRA Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency
ODM Opposition Day Motion
OSCAR Online System for Central Accounting Reporting
PAC Public Accounts Committee
PASC Public Administration Select Committee
PESA Public Expenditure Statistical Analysis
PMDU Prime Minister's Delivery Unit
PSA Public Service Agreement
PUSS Parliamentary Under Secretary of State
Q (Q1 etc.) Quarter
QDS Quarterly Data Summary
RAG Red-Amber-Green (rating scheme for delivery confidence in projects)
RAME Resource Annually Managed Expenditure
RDEL Resource Departmental Expenditure Limit
SCS Senior civil service
SDP Single Departmental Plan
SEO/HEO Senior Executive Officer/Higher Executive Office (civil service grade)
SI Statutory Instrument
SoS Secretary of State
SR Spending Review/Spending Round
SRP Structural Reform Plan
SRO Senior Responsible Owner
TME Total managed expenditure
VAT Value Added Tax
UQ Urgent question
WGA Whole of Government Accounts
WMI Workforce Management Information