Public Service Markets - A Practical Guide

Our guide to Public Service Markets explains what they are, why we have them, and how to manage them more effectively.

About public service markets

This section introduces the idea of public service markets. It discusses why public service delivery has changed in recent years and explains some of the complexities of public service market systems.  

Manage a public service market

This section discusses how public service markets can be managed more effectively. It uses the Market Stewardship Framework we have developed to explain what is needed for a public service market to function well, and includes examples to illustrate where things have gone wrong in the past. It is aimed particularly at those involved in managing public service delivery, where this includes elements of choice and competition.

Analyse your service and market – diagnostic tool

Our public service market analysis tool allows you to analyse a particular public service market in depth. Answer questions about your service and market set-up to receive a tailored report with practical suggestions for addressing the risks identified.