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Zoe Gruhn

Former director of leadership development

Zoe was the Institute's Director of Leadership Development, working on the research and development of politicians. She has extensive experience of working at senior levels across the public and private sectors including top team and leadership development and coaching CEOs, board members and government ministers. She has a strong interest in providing fresh perspectives and approaches to developing leadership capability.

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10 OCT 2012 Report

Creating an Effective Ministerial Team

This guide provides advice for ministers on the managing their special advisers, and tips for special advisers on handling their role and relationship

21 AUG 2011 Comment

Who leads what?

Events over the last fortnight have highlighted in stark terms the role leadership plays in handling national crises.

14 JUL 2011 Comment

Who is fit and proper?

As the News International scandal unfolds the appointment of Andy Coulson to the Director of Communications role at No.10 remains the focus.

07 JUL 2011 Comment

From attack dogs to ministers

Relief for Miliband as his plans to appoint shadow ministers get the nod but there are tough decisions ahead for the Labour leader.