InCiSE is an exciting new initiative which seeks to help countries determine how their central civil services are performing, and to learn from each other. The Institute for Government is delighted to be supporting the International Civil Service Effectiveness Index (InCiSE) project, alongside other founding organisations. We are jointly hosting the launch of the inaugural Index.

An effective civil service can play an important role in determining a country’s progress and prosperity. Assessing whether a civil service is performing well has long been recognised as a complex area for analysis. Nevertheless, there is a wealth of existing data available globally that can be drawn together to provide a realistic set of comparative information. This is what InCiSE seeks to do.

InCiSE has the potential to serve as:

  • a performance improvement tool, enabling senior decision makers to see which countries perform best in which areas and learn from them.
  • an accountability tool, allowing citizens, government officials and politicians to establish in a concise way how well their civil service is functioning.

InCiSE is not claiming at this stage to be a robust, comparative measure of civil service performance. It is therefore important to view this inaugural Index as a pilot only, to be refined and improved over time. This will include increasing the number of countries covered, as additional data becomes available.

The first InCiSE index, together with a methodology report, can be found here. Interactive data from the report is available on the Blavatnik School of Government website here. 

InCiSE has already brought together a rich volume of data and insights. We hope that this launch will stimulate wide-ranging discussions in-country and globally about civil service effectiveness issues, as well as the relevance and usefulness of the InCiSE data.

We hope you enjoy reading the InCiSE reports. We would welcome feedback on the main findings as well as ideas on how we can improve the Index in future. Please send your comments by email.