Civil Service Staff Numbers - Q4 2013

20th March 2014
Civil Service Staff numbers 2013 Q4

Key quote

“It is estimated that by 2015 the Civil Service will be around 23% smaller than it was in March 2010, operating with around 380,000 staff… there are no targets for any further headcount reductions but (…) the Civil Service must ensure it is resilient to any future decisions about its size and shape.”

Civil Service Reform Plan, June 2012

This Whitehall Monitor continues our regular series, looking at changes to staff in the Civil Service since the 2010 Spending Review. This analysis is based on the latest Public Sector Employment data from the Office for National Statistics containing figures to Q4 (December) 2013.

Our analysis found that:

  • Civil Service numbers have decreased this quarter by 5,330 FTE. The bulk of this reduction comes from cuts to non-Whitehall staff numbers in large delivery departments
  • The Civil Service is now at 406,630 FTE. This is a reduction of 66,180 (13.8%) since our 2010 Spending Review baseline
  • The reduction this quarter is being largely driven by large delivery departments, particularly DWP and MoJ
  • There was virtually no change in Whitehall departments overall. Except for continuing increases in DECC, only small changes occurred in individual departments.