Savings reported by the Efficiency and Reform Group, 2010-2013

9th June 2014

“My priority is to ensure that Whitehall spends effectively and efficiently every pound from hard-working taxpayers.” Francis Maude


We found that:

  • The Efficiency and Reform Group (ERG) announced that the government has achieved savings against baseline of £5.4bn by the mid-year of 2013/14.
  • This is part of a drive to achieve £20bn savings against baseline by 2015
  • Reduction in civil service pay bill and changes to commercial relationships have been the largest components of the savings made by 2012/13, with transformation efforts and major projects increasing as a proportion of the savings in 2012/13.
  • ERG has bolstered the credibility of these figures by ensuring transparency about the figures and methodologies used to derive them.

Leading this research at the Institute, Petr Bouchal said:

“By the end of 2012/13, the Efficiency and Reform Group has achieved savings of £10bn against its baseline. This means substantial progress towards achieving the goal of £20bn savings against its baseline by 2014/15. As the savings are calculated using a number of methodologies, it is important that the ERG continue to provide transparency about how the overall savings figures were derived and what they contain.”