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About Whitehall Monitor

About Whitehall Monitor

Our experts, methodology and key data sources

Whitehall Monitor analyses the size, shape and performance of Whitehall.

The decisions taken by politicians and civil servants in ‘Whitehall’, a street in London SW1 that serves as shorthand for the administration of government, can often seem remote from citizens’ lives. But they are fundamental to them. Understanding Whitehall – and the very different organisations and people that it comprises – matters.

We use open data to chart everything from political leadership to government finances, from the civil service workforce to legislation, from how major projects are delivered to how government responds to requests for information.

Government openness is important for accountability: Parliament, press and the public should all be able to understand what government is doing and how well it is doing it. But openness also matters for government effectiveness. Publishing data can foster improvements in its use and quality, and widen the audience that might draw insights.

Whitehall Monitor aims to:

  • use data to give an overview of what government looks like and how it is performing
  • encourage government to improve how it uses and publishes data, to improve its own effectiveness and the ability of those of us outside government to hold it to account.

The project started as a series of bulletins in response to data releases. The first annual report was published in 2013. Alongside our annual report and other publications we now produce a range of topical explainers and expert comment. We also host regular events.

Information about Whitehall Monitor methodology can be found here.

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Whitehall Monitor team

Gavin Freeguard
Programme Director, Head of Data and Transparency

Gavin joined the Institute in August 2013 and leads the organisation's work on data and transparency, including our Whitehall Monitor project. He... READ MORE

Aron Cheung
Senior Researcher

Aron currently works on Whitehall Monitor, our data-driven analysis of the size, shape and performance of government, and has previously worked on... READ MORE

Marcus Shepheard
Senior Researcher

Marcus joined the Institute in April 2017 from the Royal Society where he worked on a range of projects covering cybersecurity, computing... READ MORE

Dr Alice Lilly
Senior Researcher

Alice is a senior researcher, leading Parliamentary Monitor, a new project taking a data-driven look at the work of Parliament and its performance... READ MORE

Johnny Lillis

Johnny was an intern on the data team, working on the Whitehall Monitor project. He has a BA in English Literature from King’s College London...

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