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Our flagship report with CIPFA assesses the comparative problems faced by critical public services such as the NHS, schools and the police.

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17 OCT 2022 Report chapter

Performance Tracker 2022: Hospitals

The NHS is still struggling with the effects of the pandemic, while factors outside of Covid continue to put hospitals under intense pressure.

17 OCT 2022 Report chapter

Performance Tracker 2022: General practice

In the third year of the pandemic, general practice is attempting to cope with a huge surge in demand, putting pressure on an overstretched workforce.

17 OCT 2022 Report chapter

Performance Tracker 2022: Summary

While there are interconnected structural failures that will not be easy to address, there are steps that the government can take.

18 OCT 2021 Report

Performance Tracker 2021

The pandemic has created huge backlogs in public services – failing to address these backlogs now will push up costs in future.

29 OCT 2020 Report

Performance Tracker 2020

The coronavirus crisis has resulted in backlogs across public services, including at record levels in the criminal courts. 

05 NOV 2019 Report

Performance Tracker 2019

Performance Tracker 2019 projects the demand and spending on nine public services for the next five years.

16 OCT 2017 Report

Performance Tracker: Autumn 2017

Our analysis reveals the key decision points that the Chancellor faces in the run-up to his first Autumn Budget.   

25 FEB 2017 Report

Performance Tracker: Spring 2017

Until recently the Government managed to maintain the quality of public services while controlling spending. But this approach has now run out of stea