The health service and social care face long-standing demographic and technological changes. Successive governments have known about these challenges for years, but failed to adequately deal with them. As a result, by 2021, the funding gap between resources and need is projected to hit £30 billion a year in the NHS and £6 billion a year in adult social care.

Successfully developing and implementing proposals will be hard. Plausible solutions will inevitably have trade-offs: there will be both winners and losers. Yet, for the settlement to be sustainable, government will need to build public and political support.

This project will examine how to enable politicians to promote answers for tackling the long-term funding challenge facing health and social care. It will identify different ways to approach policy making on contentious issues, and how these could be applied to health and social care.

A final report will be published in June 2018. To find out more, please get in touch with one of the team.

This project is funded by the Health Foundation.

Project contacts

Programme Director
Lucy Campbell