How much is the Government spending on schools, hospitals, prisons and other key public services? How has that changed? And what have the consequences of those changes been?

Performance Tracker – produced by the Institute for Government in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy – answers these questions.

Our annual report goes beyond the question of how much money is spent on public services. We ask what the Government – and the public – is getting for that money. We do this by examining key datasets across nine different public services, to analyse how efficiently public money is turned into services that people use, and how this has changed over time.

Below you can explore our analysis and key facts about each individual service, as well as our overall assessment. Find out how far services have made efficiencies, and how much further we think this can go.



Performance Tracker 2019
A data-driven analysis of the performance of public services

Performance Tracker 2019 projects the demand and spending on nine public services for the next five years.

11 Nov 2019