Press releases

25th March 2010
The government published today its response to the Total Place pilots report, Lord Bichard, who helped pioneer Total Place and is chair of the Total Place high-level officers' grou
18th March 2010
Ongoing research from the Institute for Government and the LSE broadly supports the findings of the National Audit Office on reorganising central government.
24th February 2010
Last year the Institute for Government and the Constitution Unit published reports that strongly advocated the need for clarity on the conventions surrounding post-election process
10th December 2009
This briefing note sets out some key information that the politicians and officials involved in tackling the UK's current fiscal situation need to know.
3rd December 2009
This report, published jointly by the Constitution Unit at UCLand the Institute for Government, presents the findings of an 8-month project exploring the potential impact of a hung parliament on th
2nd December 2009
In the midst of media interest on the topic, the Institute for Governmenthas released a new report on the use of IT in government.
15th September 2009
Foreword by Sir Michael Bichard, Institute for Government
15th September 2009
While Gordon Brown was speaking to the TUC about cuts and plugging the fiscal hole, senior Whitehall figures were gathering to listen to a former Prime Minister who had already done it.
31st July 2009
Over the past five years, Whitehall has produced an unprecedented amount of information about its own corporate performance.
13th February 2009
Central government has promised an equal relationship with its local counterparts through Local Area Agreements.