Statement on Mid-Term Review update report

Responding to the Mid-Term Review update on progress published today, Peter Riddell Director of the Institute for Government said:

“Today’s update on progress is better than having no progress update report at all but falls short of the audit we called for last year. The government has provided a long list of activities it has undertaken but has left out one vital column – outcomes. This is particularly noticeable in the area of the cutting the deficit, in education, where there is no mention of the £9,000 fee, and on elected mayors where the majority of cities voted ‘no’.

“It is okay to say to the voters, ‘this was what we wanted to do but circumstances have changed, the public didn’t want this’ but instead the document leaves it to the voter to decide whether what happened has really made a difference to their lives. Independent scrutiny of this progress report, by parliament or the NAO for example, would  give this the credibility it needs.”

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