Response to Single Departmental Plans

Julian McCrae, IfG Deputy Director, said:

“The Single Departmental Plans published today were intended to show how the political promises of the Conservative Manifesto and the Spending Review would be turned into reality. It is therefore disappointing to see that the plans are little more than a laundry list of nice-to-haves, giving no sense of ministerial priorities. 

"For example, it’s possible to identify over 60 separate priorities in Theresa May’s plan for the Home Office, while there are close to 100 in Patrick McLoughlin’s one for the Department for Transport. Worse still, many of these individual priorities are little more than waffle, which is no use either to civil servants trying to implement the Government’s agenda or to the public trying to hold them to account.

"Ministers’ failure to produce a single, clear roadmap for Whitehall departments will undoubtedly limit the Government’s ability to fulfil its promises.”