Response to PACAC Report

The Institute for Government (IfG) welcomes the latest report by the Public Accounts and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC), Accounting for Democracy. The Committee is right to say that while government accounts have improved in recent years, there is a long way to go before Parliament and the public could use them to hold government to account.

Providing clear information on particular services – tracking how much is spent and what the public got for that spending – is vital. At present, it is virtually impossible to establish even basic things, like how much has been spent on schools over the years.

Julian McCrae, Deputy Director of the IfG said:

“As the Committee argues, the Government needs to build on its own existing initiatives to improve the situation. With the challenges facing the country in the next few years, particularly from Brexit, no government can let Whitehall slip back into the bad old days of making it up as it goes along.”