Response to the 2016 Autumn Statement

Bronwen Maddox, Director of the Institute for Government, said:

"This is the Chancellor’s first – and last – Autumn Statement. We asked Philip Hammond in September to move to one principal fiscal event a year, and we are pleased that today he has taken up our suggestion. Mentioning us in his speech, the Chancellor acknowledged this change 'brings the UK into line with best practice recommended by the IMF, IFS, Institute for Government and many others'.

"On infrastructure, ‘shovel ready’ improvements - such as road maintenance – make sense for quick stimulus, but short term change must work within long term plans. So we are also pleased the National Infrastructure Commission will play a vital role in setting the country’s priorities.

"This is the Chancellor’s first fiscal statement since the EU referendum. The additional money announced to support trade and negotiations – directed to DIT, FCO and DExEU – will help Whitehall prepare for Brexit. But it is too soon to say whether this is enough money, because we don’t yet know how the Government will approach Brexit negotiations or what resource will be required.

"The Government still has a huge number of commitments to deliver on top of Brexit. Despite emergency funding for prisons, today we saw little indication of how the Chancellor will address the ticking time-bomb in other public services, like health and social care."

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