Press releases

8th November 2019
As the country prepares for the next prime minister, a new report finds that for the first time in years, the government may have pledged enough money to maintain standards in most public services.
5th November 2019
The Institute for Government is delighted to announce that Alex Thomas will join as a new Programme Director from January 2020.
1st November 2019
The new Speaker will take office at a time of unparalleled public attention and scrutiny of the role, says a new report from the Institute for Government.
16th October 2019
If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the government will not be able to support all affected industries, argues a new report by the Institute for Government.
15th October 2019
A no-deal Brexit would be highly controversial in all three devolved nations and increase risks to the Union itself, argues a new report by the Institute for Government. 
24th September 2019
As Northern Ireland approaches 1,000 days since the collapse of the power-sharing executive, a new report finds important areas of domestic reform – such as public service reform, legislation on domestic violence and compensation for victims of historical abuse – have stalled.
16th September 2019
A new report for the Institute for Government has found that public spending is often wasteful, with the government failing to set out clear spending intentions and taking decisions without clear information.
13th September 2019
Labour’s policy of bringing public services back into government hands by default would be a mistake, argues a new report from the Institute for Government.