Press releases

8th March 2019
The Home Office may not be the right department to manage immigration policy after Brexit, argues a new report by the Institute for Government.
21st January 2019
It should now be an urgent priority for all departmental select committees to ask the Government how prepared it is for a no deal exit from the EU.
18th January 2019
The uncertainties of Brexit are causing serious disruptions across government and have distracted from the day to day business of government including the delivery of public services and management of major projects, a new report finds.
16th January 2019
Excessive staff turnover in the civil service is costing the government up to £74 million a year in recruitment, training and lost productivity.
15th January 2019
Institute for Government's response to Parliament's meaningful vote on Brexit. 
12th December 2018
Government spends £284bn – almost one-third of its total expenditure – with external suppliers, finds a new report by the Institute for Government.
8th November 2018
The Government must explain who will take over from Brussels officials in ensuring British ministers and legislators meet their agreed obligations to the EU after Brexit, demands a new report.
17th October 2018
Government and independent forecasts of the economic impacts of Brexit focus on the long-term effects and do not provide a guide to the immediate disruption from ‘no deal’, warns a new report by the Institute for Government.
15th October 2018
A new report is demanding that ministers be called to explain when things go wrong under their watch – even if they are no longer in office.
12th October 2018
Government is quietly shifting costs of public services on to individuals, according to a new report from the Institute for Government and the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy.