Press releases

17th January 2018
Ministers are hampering progress towards their own objective of increasing private investment in UK infrastructure at a good price, a new report finds.
12th January 2018
The Institute for Government is delighted to announce that Gemma Tetlow will become its Chief Economist from April 2018.
15th December 2017
A new report says that the Government must act quickly if it hopes to negotiate a deal that falls between the so-called Canada and Norway models.
14th December 2017
Gavin Freeguard, Associate Director and Head of Data and Transparency at the Institute for Government, responds to the publication of the Government's Single Departmental Plans.
14th December 2017
Bronwen Maddox, Director at the Institute for Government, responds to today’s statement by the Speaker on David Davis' alleged contempt of Parliament.
13th December 2017
Government has spent £639m on public inquiries over the last 30 years and increasingly relies on them to examine major incidents and tragedies. But a new report finds that the process for following up on recommendations is inadequate.
8th December 2017
The UK rarely ends up in the European Court of Justice (ECJ), and when it does it wins its cases more often than most European Union (EU) member states, a new report finds.
1st December 2017
The Government should create a new commission to involve local people in major infrastructure projects, argues a new report.
17th November 2017
The Government is using private sector money to keep infrastructure spending ‘off balance sheet’ – even where this appears to be poor value, argues a new report.
13th November 2017
The IfG's response to a statement by David Davis, the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.