Justice Committee hears evidence from Institute for Government on hung parliaments

Last year the Institute for Government and the Constitution Unit published reports that strongly advocated the need for clarity on the conventions surrounding post-election processes, including hung parliaments and caretaker conventions.

Senior Fellow Peter Riddell, and Robert Hazell, Director of the Constitution Unit, gave evidence to the Justice Select Committee on the constitutional implications of an unclear electoral outcome (available to watch here). Their written evidence submission is available to download here, and additional memorandum on caretaker conventions is here.

The Cabinet Office have now produced a draft Cabinet Manual chapter on elections and government formation, which is available to download here.

After the session, Peter Riddell and Robert Hazell issued the following statement:

"We warmly welcome the Cabinet Office's decision to publish now, ahead of the start of the election campaign, a draft chapter on the formation of governments from the proposed Cabinet Manual. We also strongly endorse the announcement by Sir Gus O'Donnell, the Cabinet Secretary, that he is hardening the commitment to create a caretaker convention setting out what a government can do, if there is a hung parliament, in the period before a stable administration is formed. These decisions are in line with suggestions made in the Minority and Transitions reports from the Constitution Unit and the Institute for Government."