The Institute for Government broadly support NAO reorganisation findings

Ongoing research from the Institute for Government and the LSE broadly supports the findings of the National Audit Office on reorganising central government.

The NAO's report suggests that the process of creating or merging ministries is often poorly managed, with average costs of £15 million for the 90 plus reorganisations of central government departments and their arm's length bodies between May 2005 and June 2009.< /p>

The Institute for Government's work examines reorganisations in Whitehall over a longer 30-year period and will present in-depth case studies of the creation of several significant new departments, including Defra and DWP.

While we find that some of these reorganisations have delivered significant benefits, our report supports the NAO in finding examples of poor management processes including transition teams faced with creating huge new organisations with little or no external support, no budget and little time to prepare.

Our recommendations take into account the political pressures, administrative and policy context that drive most machinery of government changes as well as the short-term procedural challenges faced by those tasked with implementing the change.

The Institute for Government report on mergers and demergers will be published in May 2010.