Institute for Government appoints Bronwen Maddox as new Director

The Institute for Government is pleased to announce that Bronwen Maddox, editor of Prospect and former Times and Financial Times journalist, will become its Director from September 2016.

She will take over from Peter Riddell, who was recently announced as the new Public Appointments Commissioner. 

A leading independent charity, the Institute for Government works to promote better government in the UK by focusing on how it is led, how it works and how it is scrutinised. Since being founded in 2008, the Institute has made a significant impact in areas such as policy making and civil service reform, helping to put government effectiveness on the agenda.

Lord Sainsbury of Turville, Chair of the Board of Governors, said:

“I am delighted that Bronwen Maddox is to be the new Director. As a distinguished journalist and thought leader she is the ideal person to take forward the agenda of the Institute, and under her leadership I know the Institute will continue to go from strength to strength.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Riddell for being an outstanding Director. He has been both an effective critic and a strong supporter of the civil service, and has earned the respect of both politicians and civil servants. The Institute will miss his intelligence, energy and integrity.”

Bronwen Maddox said:

“It is crucial for all of us who live and work in the UK, for public trust in government and for the country’s standing and influence on a global stage that government makes key decisions well and enacts them well. So often, whether in deciding to build power stations, housing or transport for example, this fails to happen, for reasons that are nothing to do with political ideology.

I look forward to working with the superb team and the Board at the Institute to shape a programme which looks at how the best decisions are made, in the UK and across the world, and helps our government learn from this.”


Notes to editors

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  2. The Institute for Government is a registered charity in England and Wales (No.1123926) with cross-party governance.