How to make the 'devolution revolution' work

Up and down the country, cities and counties are pitching, negotiating and agreeing their ‘devolution deals’. A new guide aims to help turn the Chancellor’s devolution promises into reality.

Making Devolution Deals Work, published today by the Institute for Government, is designed to help people in all levels of government ensure their deals are a success.

The guide outlines the potential opportunities created through effective devolution, including boosting economic growth, increasing innovation and improving local public services.

However, it cautions that the timeline for devolution has been extremely compressed, and many are unclear about the future. The report also says the Chancellor needs to remain involved to ensure Whitehall departments actually pass real powers down to local areas.

Dr Jo Casebourne, IFG programme director, said:

“There have been many attempts to devolve powers in the past, but now with strong political leadership from the Chancellor, this is the best chance we have at seeing it actually happen.

“While the ‘devolution revolution’ presents opportunities, there are several specific challenges for those responsible for carrying it out. This guide is designed for public servants both in Whitehall and working locally to help them navigate through these unchartered waters.”

The guide focuses on how to help people make the most of the opportunities offered by devolution, while avoiding the potential risks. It has four sections aimed at both central and local government decision-makers:

  • setting up a deal-making process
  • assessing local area readiness for devolution
  • assessing central government readiness for devolution
  • understanding the impact of devolution on citizens and public service

For more information, please contact Nicole Valentinuzzi on 07850313791.

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