IfG in the news

18th July 2018
CIPFA and the Institute for Government have highlighted a rise in prison violence following the Government’s austerity programme.
18th July 2018
Jill Rutter says: “There’s a huge communications effort that needs to be made towards business in the event of a no deal"
18th July 2018
The value of a settled cabinet is obvious, especially in critical areas like housing. Quotes Institute for Government research.
18th July 2018
Marcus Shepheard says that nobody is formally accountable for driving forward the changes recommended by the Hyponatraemia Inquiry.
18th July 2018
Speaking at an Institute for Government event on Monday, Anita Charlesworth said that spending control in the NHS is “a fiction”
18th July 2018
It's a common misconception that MPs only work on those days when Parliament is sitting, says Alice Lilly
16th July 2018
Jill Rutter, IfG programme director, says the Brexit white paper assumes the EU will “no longer insist on freedom of movement”.
12th July 2018
Gemma Tetlow, the IfG's Chief Economist, says that economists who are both pro and anti-Brexit agree the referendum vote has caused a slowdown in the economy.
12th July 2018
Article on Boris Johnson's time in office. Quotes Bronwen Maddox, IfG Director. 
12th July 2018
Bronwen Maddox, IfG Director, writes about the challenges of the next Spending Review.
12th July 2018
Dr Emily Andrews, IfG Associate Director, while speaking at the CIPFA conference, says government should have a ‘performance tracker’ to check the impact of its spending decisions.
11th July 2018
Prospect piece on the future of the Department for Exiting the European Union. References the IfG's findings from Whitehall Monitor 2018. 
10th July 2018
The Evening Standard mentions IfG Programme Director Gavin Freeguard's summary of ministerial changes in this article following the resignation of Boris Johnson and David Davis. 
9th July 2018
BBC piece on the EU common rulebook. Quotes Jill Rutter, IfG Programme Director. 
4th July 2018
Joe Owen, IfG Associate Director, explains why the high proportion of graduates being drafted into the Department for Exiting the EU makes sense on a logistical level.
4th July 2018
Financial Times piece on changes to the machinery of government after Brexit. Quotes Joe Owen, IfG Associate Director. 
4th July 2018
Julian McCrae, IfG Senior Fellow, says that the NAO's accusations that Esther McVey misled MPs over Universal Credit only matter if Parliament decides to take it seriously. 
2nd July 2018
Dr Alice Lilly, IfG Senior Researcher, discusses how quickly bills are progressing through Parliament (listen from 06:00)
1st July 2018
Sir Amyas Morse warns that the Prime Minister's funding boost for the NHS is not enough. References the IfG's How to Fix the Funding of Health and Social Care report. 
30th June 2018
Gemma Tetlow, IfG Chief Economist, appears on Radio 4's Money Box to discuss earmarked taxes to fund social care (listen from 10:08).
29th June 2018
Bronwen Maddox, IfG Director, argues that once cabinet collective responsibility disintegrates, it is hard for the Prime Minister to reinforce discipline again.
28th June 2018
Nick Davies, IfG Programme Director, explains the three broad areas of outsourcing: goods, works and services.
26th June 2018
Piece on immigration and Brexit. References the IfG's Costing Brexit report. 
25th June 2018
Lewis Lloyd, IfG Researcher, writes about the future of the Department for Exiting the EU – and what should happen to the department’s people and functions after it is disbanded.
22nd June 2018
Jill Rutter, Programme Director, is quoted in this article on how much has been spent on non-disclosure agreements for former House of Commons staff.