Ministers Reflect is the Institute for Government's unique archive of interviews with former government ministers. It is designed to record – in their own words – what it takes to be an effective minister, the challenges ministers face, and what more can be done to support ministers in driving forward their policy objectives. Transcripts of the interviews are published in full and you can read or download them directly from the archive. We intend this archive to be a valuable public resource for current and future generations of political leaders, advisers, civil servants and researchers.

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We have invited ministers from the 2010–15 Parliament who are now out of office to participate in this project, along with a selection of Ministers from the 1997 to 2010 Government. (We did not include every minister and the archive is not fully representative.) Our intention is that Ministers Reflect will be a continuing project; we will be adding more interviews in future.

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How to be an effective government minister: audio presentation

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