23 Feb 2018
The Joint Ministerial Committee (JMC) refers to a set of committees that comprise ministers from the UK and devolved governments.
22 Feb 2018
What is managed divergence? We explore a possible EU-UK regulatory partnership.
21 Feb 2018
What is the current progress of the EU Withdrawal Bill – and what are the key debates?
20 Feb 2018
The way taxes operate in the UK may change after Brexit. The most immediate impact will be on VAT.
UK and EU flag, Brexit
16 Feb 2018
The UK is arguably the EU’s strongest defence power. It is one of only two member states possessing ‘full-spectrum’ military capabilities (including a nuclear deterrent) and one of only five spending 2% of GDP on defence.
13 Feb 2018
How will Brexit affect UK-Ireland relations?
06 Feb 2018
What are rules of origin? And how will they affect UK-EU trade post-Brexit?
Michel Barnier, EU Chief Negotiator
30 Jan 2018
Both the UK and the EU have set out their positions ahead of negotiations on a Brexit transition. What does this mean?
16 Jan 2018
What is the Sewel (Legislative Consent) Convention?
European Investment Bank
13 Dec 2017
Does Brexit mean the UK will leave the EIB?