17 Apr 2018
What is the current progress of the EU Withdrawal Bill – and what are the key debates?
10 Apr 2018
Does the financial services sector rely on the EU?
28 Mar 2018
Brexit negotiations will involve three separate but inter-related deals: a ‘divorce’ settlement, a transitional arrangement, and a deal on the UK-EU’s long-term relationship.
28 Mar 2018
What the EU member state elections mean for the Brexit negotiations.
The PM at the European Council Summit, March 2018
23 Mar 2018
Both the UK and the EU have set out their positions ahead of negotiations on the framework for the future trading relationship. We compare the two parties’ positions and assesses the difference between them.
22 Mar 2018
The possibility of a UK-EU association agreement after Brexit has been suggested. But what does that actually mean?
20 Mar 2018
Why the UK and devolved governments are in dispute over the EU Withdrawal Bill.
20 Mar 2018
The UK receives €243.1m in subsidies between 2014 and 2020 under the CFP. After Brexit, those subsidies will end.
Theresa May's Mansion House speech
02 Mar 2018
What the Prime Minister said in her Mansion House Brexit speech on the UK's future economic partnership with the European Union.
23 Feb 2018
The Joint Ministerial Committee (JMC) refers to a set of committees that comprise ministers from the UK and devolved governments.