The four amendments to the meaningful vote motion

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The Speaker selected four amendments to the meaningful vote motion to be debated and voted on. However, only John Baron’s amendment was pushed to a vote, with MPs rejecting it by 600-24. MPs are now voting on the Government’s original motion, with a result expected around 19:40. 

Three of the amendments expressly reject the deal, while the fourth makes acceptance conditional on changes being made to the Withdrawal Agreement. The Speaker made clear that MPs could not back both Sir Edward Leigh and John Baron's amendments, meaning that if Leigh’s amendment had passed, Baron’s would have failed.

Notably absent from the list was the Hugo Swire amendment, which the Government had indicated it would accept. However, as it was not been selected, the Government could not accept it and MPs could not vote on it. However, it is possible that the Government may still seek to implement the conditions outlined in the amendment when it implements the Withdrawal Agreement in domestic legislation, should it be approved by MPs.

The Speaker also decided not to select the John Mann and Andrew Murrison amendments. These were widely seen as the amendments most likely to pass and could have provided the Prime Minister with clear objectives in any renegotiations with Brussels. By taking these off the table, the Speaker has reduced the likelihood of an amendment being passed, and therefore increased the chance of MPs having a clean vote on the Government’s motion.

Who has tabled the amendment?

What does it say?

What kind of support does it have?

What was the result?

Official Labour Opposition The amendment rejects the Prime Minister's deal on the basis of Labour’s six tests, rejects the prospect of ‘no deal’, and says that the House will “pursue every option” that prevents the UK from leaving the EU under either of those circumstances. But the amendment does not set out a clear alternative to the Government’s deal. Labour frontbench Not pushed to a vote
Ian Blackford, SNP MP It rejects the Government's deal in line with the votes against it in the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly and calls for the Government to request an extension of the Article 50 negotiating period. It is supported by SNP and Plaid Cymru MPs in the House of Commons. Not pushed to a vote
Sir Edward Leigh, Conservative MP Calls for an assurance from the Government that it will terminate the Withdrawal Agreement if the EU refuses to remove the backstop from the treaty at the end of 2021. Has the support of 15 other Conservative Brexiteers. Not pushed to a vote
John Baron, Conservative MP Gives consent to the deal provided the Withdrawal Agreement is amended so that the UK can terminate the Northern Ireland Protocol unilaterally. Supported by a cross-party group of Brexiteers, comprising 12 Conservatives, one Labour and one DUP MP The Government lost 600–24


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Update date: 
Tuesday, January 15, 2019