15 Sep 2017
Financing is distinct from funding, and there are two broad ways to this applies to infrastructure.
07 Sep 2017
How does the EU fund scientific research in the UK?
05 Sep 2017
Brexit negotiations will involve three separate but inter-related deals: a ‘divorce’ settlement, a transitional arrangement, and a deal on the UK-EU’s long-term relationship.
Infrastructure work in London
25 Aug 2017
How is infrastructure funded in the UK?
Brexit and data
24 Aug 2017
Data adequacy is a status granted by the European Commission to non-EEA countries who provide a level of personal data protection that is “essentially equivalent” to that provided in European law.
Whitehall Monitor
24 Aug 2017
Ministerial directions are formal instructions from ministers telling their department to proceed with a spending proposal, despite an objection from their permanent secretary. We look at the data since 1990. 
14 Aug 2017
UK airlines currently have access to the world’s most liberalised aviation market - The European Common Aviation Area (ECAA) - through its membership of the EU. What is the ECAA?
UK border, immigration
10 Aug 2017
What are the two sides’ opening positions and how do they disagree?
Whitehall Monitor
08 Aug 2017
The civil service undertakes a variety of activities in order for government to effectively deliver policy, provide public service and manage departments. What are they?
Whitehall Monitor
04 Aug 2017
Cabinet committees are groups of ministers that can “take collective decisions that are binding across government.