Previous Events

Details of events previously held at the Institute for Government are listed below.

18th January 2017
The Institute for Government invites you to attend the first annual lecture by our Director Bronwen Maddox.
16th January 2017
The Institute for Government, Chartered Institute of Taxation, and the Institute for Fiscal Studies invite you to the launch of their new report, Better Budgets: making tax policy better.”
11th January 2017
Rupert McNeil, the Government's Chief People Officer, sets out his vision for the future of the civil service workforce at a time when it faces a hugely challenging agenda.
5th January 2017
The IfG welcomed Andy Haldane, Chief Economist of the Bank of England, to talk about 'An economy that works for everyone'.
1st December 2016
How will the UK's departure from the European Union affect our communications - the television, radio, broadband and phone services that we rely on? 
30th November 2016
To mark 100 years of the Cabinet Secretariat, we brought together five former Cabinet Secretaries.
17th November 2016
Donald Trump’s triumph in the US presidential election and the UK’s vote for Brexit both appear to be forged out of the hostility to globalisation from those who feel they have been its victims. 
31st October 2016
Why isn't renewing your passport or applying for child benefit as easy as online banking?
24th October 2016
The Institute for Government was delighted to welcome Sir Simon Fraser, former Permanent Under-Secretary at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. 
19th October 2016
The Institute for Government invited guests to a keynote speech by Bernard Jenkin MP.