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New approaches to integration and collaboration in public service markets

Monday 30 November 2015, 12:30

In a recent speech on creating a ‘smarter state’, the Prime Minister said that government will increasingly be ‘bringing in new providers or allowing new ways of doing things’. This event will explore what we can learn from new approaches to commissioning, setting up and managing public service markets and how to enable integration and collaboration between service providers and government.  

This was the second event in a series sponsored by the Business Services Association on Where next for public service markets?, which is exploring how the government can develop the right mechanisms and skills to best manage public service markets in this Parliament.

The event was chaired by Dr. Jo Casebourne, Programme Director, Institute for Government.


  • Sarah Billiald – Managing Director, Collaborate
  • Chris Blackwell – Managing Director, Maximus
  • Christine Chang – Investment Director, Big Society Capital
  • Richard Johnson – Senior Consultant, World Bank

The Institute for Government would like to thank the BSA for supporting this event

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