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How to attract and develop talent in the civil service

Wednesday 5 July 2017, 12:30

The civil service must deliver a hugely challenging agenda, from public services reform to the implications of Brexit. It must do more to attract, develop and retain people with the right skills and expertise.

This event explored the longstanding challenge of bringing outside expertise into the civil service and how to facilitate the exchange of skills and expertise between and within different sectors.

Our panel included:

  • Rupert McNeil, the Government's Chief People Officer
  • Catherine Baxendale, former HR Director, Tesco and author of How to best attract, induct and retain talent recruited into the Senior Civil Service
  • Jill Rutter, Programme Director, Institute for Government.

The event was chaired by Julian McCrae, Deputy Director, Institute for Government.

This event is the latest in our series on the future of the civil service. We would like to thank Oracle for supporting this series.

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