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The King’s Speech: What does it reveal about Keir Starmer’s priorities for government?

What does Starmer’s legislative agenda tell us about Labour's plans for government?

Starmer meeting the King

The King’s Speech on 17 July will set out Sir Keir Starmer’s legislative agenda for government and reveal his priorities for the parliamentary session.

While Labour’s attention and resources have been focused on the general election campaign, Starmer and his team will also have been preparing for this major constitutional moment. Legislation to nationalise the railways, reform planning, and establish Great British Energy are all expected, but could the government spring some surprises? Will there be any Conservative policies – such as the smoking ban – that Labour might resurrect?

Following the State Opening of Parliament, this IfG webinar – with guest Chris White, who for half a decade was responsible for managing and planning the last government’s legislative programme – will explore what the King’s Speech reveals about Keir Starmer’s plans for government.

What are the most controversial bills? Where might Labour face opposition in parliament? And what lessons should Starmer take from the legislative programmes of previous administrations?

To discuss these questions and more, we will be joined by an expert panel, including:

  • Jill Rutter, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Government
  • Alex Thomas, Programme Director at the Institute for Government
  • Chris White, former special adviser in both the Leader of the Commons and Government Chief Whips’ offices between 2009 and 2015

The webinar will be chaired by Hannah White, Director and CEO of the Institute for Government.

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