21 October 2010

If there was a 'handbook of successful international deficit reductions', how would the Chancellor’s speech stack up against its recommendations?

18 October 2010

Wednesday's Spending Review announcement looms large. One of the key lessons from successful exercises like this from abroad is the need to be up-front about the pain. After all, people will be experiencing it for themselves soon enough.

15 October 2010

The government's announcement of arm's length bodies to be reformed sees it rearranging the deckchairs of the state, rather than rolling it back.

13 October 2010

Next week I return to No 10 / Cabinet Office - on secondment from the Institute, while remaining a Senior Fellow - to head the Behavioural Insight team and support the Government's Big Society and well-being agendas.

08 October 2010

As the permanent secretary merry-go-round keeps spinning, it seemed a good time to dig out some statistics we put together earlier this year about the experience of the current crop of permanent secretaries.

06 October 2010

The centre of gravity in the House of Commons is shifting from the chamber to the committee corridor, with far-reaching implications for parliamentary accountability and the role of MPs.

30 September 2010

A new stage version of Yes, Prime Minister has just arrived in the West End. Does it recapture past glories? And what can it tell us about government today?

28 September 2010

Parliament is looking at who owns "grand strategy" in the UK – is this an opportunity to apply our Shaping Up recommendations to national security issues?

24 September 2010

Quangos are back in the news again with the leak of the proposed list of bodies facing closure or merger.

22 September 2010

The Spending Review is looming large over Whitehall. It is no surprise the current focus of attention is what the numbers are going to be. However, looking ahead, the bigger question will be how to implement the cuts.