19 August 2010

Lord Bichard shares his personal highlights of his time as Executive Director of the Institute, as he steps down to become a Senior Fellow.

19 August 2010

Why everyone involved in merging or abolishing Arm's length bodies should look to the Ofcom experience - and a recently published list of 10 key lessons produced by the now defunct Hearing Aid Council.

16 August 2010

Why the coalition government might want to make Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' its summer recess reading.

11 August 2010

How should you go about a fiscal consolidation? There are intriguing lessons for Whitehall from a consolidation exercise carried out by 24 members of the public.

23 July 2010

Sir Ian Kennedy gave a frank account of IPSA's recent challenges to the Institute for Government.

21 July 2010

Regardless of how long the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition lasts, long-term trends suggest that hung parliaments and coalitions are likely to become more common in future. In other words, the 2010 election result was almost certainly no fluke. So some thought is needed about how the political system needs to adapt to make a success of multi-party government. In a series of blogs, of which this is the first post, I will be addressing this subject.

14 July 2010

A: When like the Environment Agency, it's an executive non-departmental public body.

12 July 2010

Responding to questions in the House of Commons, the government has just revealed that its ‘Your Freedom’ website will cost approximately £20,000 to run over the coming year. The cost of www.hmg.gov.uk/yourfreedom has been criticised as excessive – but is such criticism fair?

01 July 2010

On Monday evening, the Institute for Government and our guests were the first to hear Tony Blair’s reflections on his time in Number 10.

22 June 2010

Peter Riddell on Vanessa Nicholls' report on the running of the House of Commons.